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A tourist visa is among the most important documents, if you are planning to visit Africa, and especially if it is your first time, you should be well prepared. It can also be quite a daunting experience as most African destinations require proper planning & a tourist visa. This can be particularly true if you need to be prepared for tropical diseases like Yellow Fever or Malaria. Also, you require a tourist visa to enter the country. 

To start with, a few countries like South Africa allow visitors from the US and most of the European countries to enter without a visa as long as their duration of stay does not exceed more than 90 days. It is an advantage for people from these countries. But for the vast majority of countries in Africa, people from the US and Europe need a tourist visa to visit. These include some of the most popular destinations like Tanzania, Kenya, Egypt, and many more. Africa is undoubtedly popular for its variety of wild landscapes, rich wildlife, cultural plethora, and much more. 

Know What You Need

The first and most important step is to find out whether you need a tourist visa or not. The visa rules and regulations keep on changing constantly (especially in Africa!). You need to be extremely careful before applying for a visa. It is advised that you should check the latest rules and regulations on visa requirements with the official government website or from the nearest embassy or consulate. 

Key Questions to Ask

Whether you choose to look out for information about the country on their website or to speak directly with the staff of the embassy or consulate, you need to be able to answer these questions. Here is a list of comprehensive questions to help you prepare beforehand. 

    • Do you need a tourist visa?
    • If so, is it possible to purchase a visa on arrival, or will you need to apply for it in advance?
    • How long is the tourist visa valid?
    • Does the validity of the tourist visa start on the date of issue, or on the date of arrival?
    • Do you require single or multiple entry visas (this will depend on your planned itinerary)?
    • What documentation do you need to supply?
    • How much does the visa cost and what is the accepted method of payment?
    • How long does it take to process the visa?
    • How far in advance should you apply for your visa?

List of Requirements

When you apply for a tourist visa, there are certain requirements that you need to fulfill in order for your visa to be granted. These requirements differ from country to country, and it is absolutely necessary for you to check it before you apply for the same. However, at the very least of it, you will require the following. 

    1. A Valid passport – For most cases, your passport needs to have at least 2 blank pages, and it should be valid for at least six months after your intended date of departure. 
    2. A Visa application form – These forms are easily available to download from the government or embassy website. 
    3. Passport Photos-  You will require 2 photographs which adhere by the passport photo regulations. 
    4. Proof of return or onward travel- You need to submit proof of your departure from the country either by showing your return flight tickets or onward travel tickets. Often, you need to show your travel itinerary as well.
    5. Application fee- A basic of application fee that differs from country to country, depending on whether you pay it in person or online. 

Along with this, it is also very important to have travel insurance while you are traveling. It helps you in being safe and carefree. With Visadone, we can help you secure your trip with the most affordable travel insurance. 

How to Apply Online for an African Tourist Visa?

You can apply for a tourist visa to any African country by filling up the application form. You can get the form on the embassy website or any government website. The next step is to submit your documents and wait for the approval. Get a visa delivered to your email in a few days. The entire process of obtaining a visa from start to finish is now this simple with the online application. 

Applying for your visa with Visadone

Visadone has always been proficient in providing you with hassle-free visa services and assistance. If you wish to apply for your tourist visa to any African country, Visadone will be your perfect choice. An e- Visa saves you a lot of time and paperwork. With Visadone, we help you process your e- visa application smoothly. You just have to go to the website and provide the needed documents and get your visa work done easily. Now, you don’t need to worry about long standing in queues and waiting for the process. Get your visa work done with the help of experts easily. We assure you fewer chances of rejection since we have a great history that shows a high success rate. Contact us and get your visa work done smoothly.

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