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Ok To Board Guide For UAE

Ok to board

Why does your flight need Ok To Board? Do you think that just your passport and tourist or business visa is enough? Prior to visiting, Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Bahrain, Muscat, Oman, and Qatar require you to carry an additional document, known as the Ok To Board (OTB). OTB is an airline visa requirement, without which they are instructed to forbid the guest from boarding the flight to the above-mentioned destinations. The UAE authorities often have doubts and misunderstandings of Indian OTB travelers, and that is the reason for this blog. Together, with this blog, we will unravel those misconceptions and gain crystal clear knowledge for OTB.

What is Ok To Board and which citizens require an OTB?

This is basically an approval for you to board the flight without any restrictions. After you receive a visa and book your flight, you need to send a copy of your visa to the concerned airline. Once your visa is reapproved, then they mark your PNR number as OTB. If in case your PNR is not approved, then the airline will not let you board the flight. Visadone highly recommends you check your Ok To Board status with the respective airlines at least 48 prior to boarding.

Citizens who require an OTB are:

    • Indians
    • Sri Lankans
    • Bangladeshis
    • Pakistanis

Why do you need OTB approval?

The primary purpose of it is to avoid any trespassers. There have been occasions when people have presented fake visas to UAE visa checks and those travelers have been deported. To shrink this sort of scamming the airlines to the above-mentioned countries have taken the responsibility to recheck the visa prior to their boarding. This is a mandatory process for Indian citizens.

How to obtain an OTB?

This is the simplest step, you just need to apply through our portal Visadone. We have a team of experts who will swiftly get it sorted for you. All we need is your original documents and UAE visa which you can receive from our portal as well. Our team will send your visa copy to the airline you are flying with and get your Ok To Board approved. With us, you only need to be ready with your luggage, and the rest we will handle.

Best time to apply for OTB?

Once you receive your visa, then immediately send us a copy of your flight tickets and visa. We will get it approved by the airlines and get your OTB marked on your PNR. Our team usually prefers to receive the documents at least 3 days prior, so that there is enough time for the airlines to mark OTB.

How to check the OTB status?

You can choose from two options:

    1. Call your airline 48 hours prior to departure and they will let you know the status.
    2. If you are getting your Ok To Board through Visadone then we will inform you as soon as we receive the approval.

Airlines that require an OTB:

The OTB status is a requirement for Dubai and other UAE countries.  However, major carriers like Jet Airways, Fly Dubai, Emirates Airlines, Etihad Airways, and Saudi Airlines can obtain Ok To Board for free. Whereas, the low-budget ones like SpiceJet, Indigo, and Air India charge a small fee for the same.

As seen above, the process might look a little extensive and tedious. But if you choose Visadone the procedure will become hassle-free and faster. We do all the coordination on your behalf. We have a specialized team who will solely look after your Ok To Board and obtain your visa.

Contact us for more details about this service. Stay tuned to know more about traveling abroad.