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Explore The Unexplored Africa

Unexplored Africa

Have you ever dreamt of experiencing unexplored Africa?   If yes, then, you are just at the right place.

The continent of Africa is filled with attractive countries which are like hidden gems. These places have had very little tourist interaction. But it is your loss if you are in Africa and you do not visit these locations. These destinations are for everyone, especially for people who adore the concept of off-the-beaten-track. Africa is known for its traditions, wildlife safaris, and the vibe of flora and fauna. Embrace your excitement and get ready to explore unexplored Africa through some of the most beautiful countries.

List of the unexplored destinations in Africa:


Typically, Africa has some preferred places where their wildlife is extremely popular. Rwanda and Uganda are two places all of us know for the best gorilla trekking. But there is a hotspot of biodiversity known as the Congo’s Odzala National Park. Over here you will experience nature widely like rainforests, rains, savannahs, and swamps. Congo is one of the most rich and varied landscapes to visit in unexplored Africa.

This mesmerizing national park also operates 3 camps in the northern side of The Republic of Congo. This accommodation has each room with views of the luscious greenery which will directly peer you to the forest canopy. Since they are surrounded by nature, conserving the environment is their prime concern, so everything is a part of sustainability.


Being a part of the world’s biggest desert lake to one of the driest places in sub- Saharan Africa, The Makgadikgadi Pans. They cover almost 12,000 sq. km. Many people are intrigued with the haunting yet lovely landscape of Botswana. The area is waterless and arid in most part of the year and also seems isolated due to the salt flats’ shimmering horizons.

This location might be seen as an unlivable place, but that is not true. The 2 largest pans Sowa and Ntwetwe experience good rainfall and experience frequent visits from Zebras and wildebeest. Makgadikgadi has exquisite accommodation, San Camp. It is said that this camp is out of a romantic film. It is a mixture of modern vintage and elegance making it one of the must-visit places in unexplored Africa.


Mozambique is majorly known for its rich cultural diversity. It has a strong influence of the Arab and Portuguese cultures. It is only good for vacations but also for business as it is home to gold, spices, silk and ivory. This is a unique experience on the island of Ibo which breaks the ordinary and emphasis on heritage and authenticity.

As their accommodation, they have colonial villas which resemble their history on Ibo Island. To top it up with its delicacies of rooftop decks and enjoying cocktails with a scenic sunset. Mozambique is thus easily among the few places in unexplored Africa that have remained untouched.


Tanzania is famous for Serengeti and Great Migration. But discover a world of Chimpanzees in the Mahale Mountains. Here you will find the real prize winner, a park of indegneous chimpanzees established for protection. You will have life-changing encounters as the chimps have been habituating to humans by allowing them for intimating and personal touch.

To have a thorough experience of the wildlife, there is a place to stay known as Greystoke Mahale. Situated on the edge of the forest alongside the white sand shore. It is the perfect place for a barefoot dinner and a great cocktail evening.

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