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A Free VR Tour Is Available For Punekars

Beginning in mid-February, Holiday Studio will provide free virtual destination tours in Pune. The VR tour in Pune will be the most entertaining thing for Pune residents.

The Holiday Studio in Pune is testing virtual reality technology with the goal of making it a permanent tool for exploring its collection. Families will be invited to navigate virtual reality tours of famous locations such as Dubai, Paris, Mauritius, etc.

Only visitors aged 15 and up will be permitted to use the Holiday studio’s headsets. This VR tour trial in Pune is open to everyone in the city. The virtual tours will be available from15 of FEB 2023 in Magarpatta city, Pune.

“Visitors will be able to investigate various interpretations of how the objects may have been used in the past. The VR experience will provide a broader perspective on tourism and will aid in making better decisions during actual vacations. Everything from where to stay to where to go on vacation and when to go can be solved in this VR destination tour” holiday studio’s official statement on the VR tour in Pune.

The VR tour trial began at Holiday Studio in Magarpatta city with limited destinations, but the holiday studio plans to expand the number of places for VR tours in the next phase, and it will be the first time in Pune that a free virtual tour will be available to locals.

It will undoubtedly be amusing for Punekars, and Holiday Studio is looking forward to seeing how they react. If things go smoothly then it is going to be a revolutionary move by Holiday Studio in an IT hub like Pune

Click here for more information regarding the free VR tour in Pune.



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