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All you Need to Know About Thailand Visa

All you Need to Know About Thailand Visa

A Thailand Visa is all you need to visit this beautiful country. Unsurprisingly, Thailand is among the most popular destinations for tourists. With a plethora of culture, temples, natural wonders and amazing street food, Thailand attracts more than 35 million tourists every year.

We are sure most people like you are making your plans to visit this country. But there are a few things that you must be aware of before planning your trip. One of the most crucial parts of visiting any country is getting a visa. In this blog, you will learn about getting your e -visa on arrival in Thailand

  1. Do I need a visa for Thailand ? 
  2. What is an e -visa on Arrival ? 
  3. How to get a Thailand Visa

Visa Policies for Thailand

Foregin nationals can visit Thailand for various reasons. Based on the actual purpose of the visit, you must choose the proper type of visa. Let us take a look at some of the basic categories for Visa

  1. E Visa on arrival .
  2. Tourist Visa- This visa lets foreign nationals visit the country for a short period of time mainly for tourism purposes. 
  3. Transit Visa –  Commonly, for people who transit through the country are permitted with a Transit Visa. 
  4. Non-Immigrant Visa – If your purpose is regarding work, education or marriage, this type of visa is permitted. 
  5. Smart Visa- Skilled workers, entrepreneurs and qualified experts from a field of high technology can apply for a Smart Visa. 
  6. Residence Permit 

What is an E- Visa on Arrival? 

An E- Visa is a visa given for the purpose of short-term visits. One of the main advantages of it is the online application process. It makes the process a lot easier and also saves time and paperwork. 

Advantages of E-Visa on Arrival

Recently, after the pandemic hit us all, the procedures for applying to Visa were shifted online. This in turn proved to be a boon as a lot of time and paperwork was saved. The major advantage of applying for E- Visa on Arrival is that you would not have to stand in long queues. All you need to have is a good internet connection, copies of the required documents and you are good to go . You can easily apply for your visa online through portals and it will be delivered to you on your email. 

How to Get a Thailand Visa?

You need to go through a few simple steps to get a Thailand Visa. You will need to visit the online portal and fill up the Thailand e-visa application form. Visadone can make this process easier for you with their simple and easy interface.
Once you have the form, you need to fill in all the required details in the correct manner and submit them. Once the details are submitted, the next step is to upload all the required documents. Once you are done submitting the documents, you need to pay the Thailand e-Visa Fees. Finally, you will have to wait until your application is processed and your visa is sent over to your email. 

Documents Required for Thailand Visa.

Documentation is one of the most crucial steps in any visa application. It plays an essential role in the final result of your application. So, each one of you should pay attention to the documentation before uploading. Candidates will have to provide the following documents if applying for a Thailand e-Visa.

  1. Application Form 
  2. Passport – The Passport that is presented by you must be valid for 30 days beyond the date of departure with at least one blank page for the stamp. 
  3. Photo – The photo must be a recent passport size photograph in 4*6 where your face should cover 70-80% of the photograph. 
  4. Round Trip Ticket. 
  5. Reservation of a hostel, hotel or apartment. 

What is the Processing Time?

After you finish the entire process, you will need to wait for the response from the embassy. This duration is usually known as the processing time. As for the online visa, the general processing time is upto 3 days. When the processing is done you will receive your e-visa/ visa on arrival confirmation on your email. 

Why Visit Thailand? 

Here is a list of super reasons why you should visit Thailand. 

  1. Delicious Cuisine- Thailand certainly has a very rich and diverse cuisine. During your visit here, you will get a chance to taste the various meals here. Some of the must try foods include Thai curry, Som tam Salad, Tom Yum Soup and so on. 
  2. Budget friendly trip- The main obstacle for people while traveling is money.  Thankfully, in Thailand that is not the case. THe country is very budget friendly on your pocket in terms of stay, food and transport. 
  3. Climate- The country experiences all of the three seasons and anytime is a perfect one to explore.

With this, we come to the conclusion of all the details regarding Thailand Visa. Visadone will help you process your visa application and get your  visa without any hassle. Our dedicated support team with excellent guidance and visa assistance is there to help you.We make sure, your trip plan is executed timely and without any problems.