France is a combination of two very unique feelings. On one hand it’s so calm and on the other hand it is a very dreamy country. A trip to France can let you experience the adrenaline rush of sports, a chic fine dining experience, pristine beaches and historical architecture. Your holidays in France will quintessentially be French. Many folks believe that the most romantic destination all around the world is Paris. Among several other things France is well known for the fashion, delighted cuisine of baked items and the copious amounts of wineries situated here. Doesn’t all of it sound just mesmerizing? 

Gear up for the France travel guide of how to blend with the French culture and the best things to do list.

Things to know before going to France:

  1. Organized itenary: Traveling can be a mess if everything is not well prepared. All your travel documents and reservations need to be confirmed well in advance to have a smooth trip. However, if you have booked through Visadone then you have nothing to worry about. We have got you all covered.
  1. Currency accepted: In France the currency that is used widely is Euro. Apart from cash, credit cards are accepted everywhere. For withdrawals there ATMs are available too.
  1. Stay knowledge: In France the tipping culture is of high value. After your meals, leave a couple of euros for the service. Similarly in museums and tour guides will expect a 10% tip. To make it easier there are a few online apps like Tipping Guide that will help you  tip correct.
  1. Safety measures: Being in a whole new country, you need to keep your valuables out of sight. It is suggested that you do not travel with any high valued items like gold on trips to a strange land.

Learn the French etiquettes:

  1. Get acquainted with the locals to understand their culture. Initiate conversation with them even if you do not know French.
  2. Do not keep money a topic of communication. It is considered absurd.
  3. It is a myth that all friends greet each other with a kiss on the cheek. That only happens between friends and families, not strangers.
  4. Snapping of fingers is considered to be very rude.
  5. There are strict lunch timings between 12-2 and work life needs to be kept aside.
  6. Please do not chew gum in public areas, that is reviewed as ill mannered. 
  7. The French cheer by using the word ‘santé’. Make sure to make eye contact with the table while clicking the glass.
  8. It is advised not to ask for doggy bags even if your meal is not finished.

Best things to do in France:

  1. A boat ride from Cannes to the Lérins Islands: A soothing boat ride away from the tourists is a 15 minutes ride from Cannes. Over there you can visit some magnificent spots like visiting the Cell of Man in Iron Mask at the Fort of St Marguerite museum. For a quieter experience you can go to the monastery of the 15th century on Saint Honorat Island. These two islands are the beauty of nature with a picnic, lunch and swim.
  1. Prehistoric cave paintings in Dordogne: This is a perfect gift for someone who admires the art from the prehistoric era. One of the most interesting caves has to be the International Center for Cave Art, a high tech reproduction of the Lascaux cave in Dordogne. There are so many more such caves with their original and replica caves.
  1. Truffle hunting with a local guide: Burgundy and Dordogne are the epicenters when it comes to truffle hunting in France. The best experience is the  La truffe en Périgord noir. The producer takes you through the plantation and gives you some tips for growing your own. Post the tour you can enjoy some truffles based eateries along with some wine.
  1. Cooking classes with the local Chef: The French cuisine is one of the most extensive and delightful cuisines. If you share your passion for cooking you must deep dive into the Normandy countryside. There are a few enthusiastic ladies who teach the finest seafood dishes. There are also a lot of gourmet cheeses to try while cooking. The adventure will give you maximum content.

Being experts in providing tours to France, we hope that this piece has inspired you to witness the cultural and authenticity of France. Visadone will help you with a customized travel package that would help you to take a perfect vacation to france. 

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