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Documents required for students’ visas abroad.

Student visa


Studying abroad will allow you to broaden your horizons, reflect on your goals, and build a global network of friends and connections that will last the rest of your life. The visa application process, which varies by country and circumstance, is one of the most difficult obstacles students face when deciding to study abroad. This guide will assist US citizens in determining how to obtain a student visa, including what is required, additional steps and hurdles added by the pandemic, and ways to manage the process so that they have the best chance of obtaining a student visa and studying abroad this year.

While the COVID-19 pandemic causes uncertainty and disruption in the travel industry, study-abroad providers, universities, and governments are adapting. This year, students have many study abroad options available to them, but health, safety, and travel restrictions complicate the planning process. Students should plan for delays and additional requirements in the visa application process and meet deadlines well in advance to minimize the impact of these delays. If you need help with your visa application or want to learn more about obtaining a visa contact us.

Student visa
Documents required for students’ visas abroad.

Visa requirements for students


The requirements that study abroad students must meet in order to obtain a student visa vary greatly depending on the country in which they are studying. There are, however, a few general requirements that you should be aware of. These are some examples:

-A valid passport (which should not expire before your visa)

-A perfect criminal record

-The ability to pass a health examination

-A full course of COVID-19 vaccination (for most countries)

-Financial ability to support yourself for the duration of the visa, or proof of financial aid to cover your study abroad experience

-A valid health insurance policy or a contribution to the country’s national healthcare system

-A biometrics appointment in which you submit your fingerprints and a photograph

The requirements for a student visa will also differ slightly depending on how you study abroad. Direct enrollment, exchange programs, and participation in a study abroad program through a third-party provider are the three main options. If you are directly enrolling in a university abroad, you will be responsible for determining all requirements and ensuring your eligibility. This usually entails demonstrating admission to the host university, making a deposit, and passing a language proficiency exam. If you apply through your university or a third-party provider, they will assist you in making the visa application process as simple as possible.

Obtaining a student visa teaches you about international travel.

While applying for a student visa can be a stressful process, it is also an excellent introduction to the world of long-term international travel. You will gain experience dealing with a different government and will know what to expect if you decide to take a gap year, intern abroad, or work abroad in the future.

If you’re worried about traveling this year, some countries have begun to offer virtual study-abroad programs. You can study at an internationally recognized institution for a fraction of the cost and not worry about the pandemic interfering with your studies. To know more about visas or  to get one, you should definitely contact us

What is E-visa and what are the Benefits of E-Visa?


You must be a first-time or experienced traveler, and you must be aware that multiple documents are required for international travel. Everyone understands that they will need a valid passport with at least six months remaining before renewal, but is that all? The simple answer is no. While some countries allow certain nationalities to visit their territory without a visa, dozens of others require you to have an approved visa upon arrival.

This begs the question of what is visa, how it differs from an e-visa, and how to obtain one.

What is visa?

A  visa is a permit to visit a specific country, typically in the form of a stamp or sticker attached to a passport page. It is a document that proves you have permission to enter a country for a specified period of time. It specifies when you can enter the country, how long you can stay, and what activities you can partake in (depending on the visa type selected).


Traditional paper visas vs. Electronic visas

There are no. of visas but the modified type of visa is becoming more popular among travelers because it expedites the visa application process. E-Visas provide an advanced method of verification and were implemented in response to an increase in the number of identity frauds.

Use an Electronic Visa Service to obtain your travel authorization document as quickly as possible. Choose from dozens of destinations and apply online in minutes from home to receive the approved document via email! Continue reading to learn more about the e-Visa application process.


What is e-Visa?

An e-Visa, also known as an electronic visa, is an electronic alternative to a traditional visa. It is an online medium that directs applicants to an online visa application.

The e-Visa documents are advanced forms of traditional documents that were introduced to improve security and limit fraudulent cases.

E-passports and e-Visas are used to digitally verify a traveler’s identity by using a unique identification number, digital signature, and other methods.


How do I obtain an e-Visa?

Each country’s visa policy is unique. Specific visa requirements can be found on the internet by first selecting your destination country and then searching for entry requirements. However, the entire e-Visa application process is simpler than you might think.

You simply need to take only three simple steps:

1)Because the process is entirely online, you must also complete the online e-Visa application form.

2) Following that, you must pay the e-Visa issuing fees. Select any online payment method and finish this step in minutes. Once that is completed, check your email to see if you have received a confirmation number.

3)Keep in mind that the time it takes for an e-Visa to be approved varies by country. Some countries issue visas faster than others. However, the entire process usually takes no more than 72 hours (3 business days).


What documents are required to obtain an e-Visa?

Typically, you will only need an original passport with a minimum validity of six months. Some countries also require that your travel document contain some blank pages.


Additional documents for E-visa may be required, such as:

-One recent passport-sized photograph of your entire face (the applicant’s face photo can be taken with a phone or a PC camera before applying online).

-Documents demonstrating your financial stability;

-Invitation letters, company identification card (for business trips)

-Proof of residency, such as a copy of your National ID card

-Return flight;

-Reservations for hotels.

-Additional documents are rarely required and are determined by the country you’re visiting pre-established rules.


Why is an e-Visa preferable to a regular visa?

Aside from being faster and easier to obtain, the e-Visa system has numerous advantages for both the applicant and the government authorities, including :


  • There is no specific need to visit an embassy.

The e-Visa requests are submitted through a safe and secure application gateway that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The primary distinction between regular and e-Visas is that, the e-Visa saves your time and money on ineffective, time-consuming, and frustrating paper-based processes.


A visa applicant must complete the required paperwork and then physically deliver it to the Embassy of the desired destination. The Embassy will then process the request and proceed with the procedure; e-Visas eliminate all of this hassle!


  • They make travel more convenient.

The World Travel and Tourism Council stated in a report that the implementation of the e-Visa process resulted in an increase of about 15% in overseas tourist arrivals. This resulted in an increase of up to 20% in traveler spending in the respective country.


Because the legislation allows for the collection of additional processing fees for e-Visas, e-Visas allow authorities to collect more fees, resulting in more visits and, as a result, more jobs. As a result, the entire tourism industry will benefit from incoming visitors in the future.


  • They cut administrative costs.

The electronic version of the visa offers significant cost savings throughout the process. Because it is an online process, it runs smoothly and is much simpler.


There’s no need for face-to-face meetings or trips between your home or office and visa offices.


According to the World Bank, e-Visa implementation saved Embassies between 12 and 14% of working time over a six-month period in 2014. Authorities save money and time by not having to deal with the mess of visa stickers.


  • You can submit your application online.

The e-Visa online application process promotes tourism by digitizing traveler data. This also contributes to increased security because the information can be screened against international databases to prevent incidents and risks.


Online e-Visa application forms are also proving to be simpler and faster than consular visa applications. Furthermore, e-Visas eliminate the unnecessary and potentially stressful step of conducting interviews with applicants. In just a few minutes, the applicants can complete almost all of the requirements from home or the office using any working device!


I hope we have covered the majority of your concerns regarding visas and e-visas. Due to their numerous advantages, e-Visas have surpassed traditional visas. And you can easily Apply for an e-Visa for your next international trip to save money, time, and energy! For more information regarding Visas or booking your visas, you can also visit our website VISADONE

Documents Required for Indian Schengen Visa


Have you ever been to Schengen countries? Either your answer must be yes or no but you need to know that Several documents are required for the Schengen visa application. You’re more likely to get your Schengen visa if you submit all of the required documents as instructed by the embassy or visa center. If you don’t have any idea regarding the visa documents for an Indian Schengen visa then please refer to the document checklist below for information on how to prepare your documents for a Schengen visa application in India.

What Documents Do you Need for an Indian Schengen Visa?

You must prepare the following documents for your Indian Schengen visa:

Visa Application for Schengen

Application form: You must fill out the Schengen visa application form completely and accurately. You can usually find a copy of the form on the websites of India’s visa centers or embassies, download it, fill it out, and sign it.

Your Indian passport (original and a copy): You must present your original Indian passport as well as a copy of your passport, which must be valid for three months from the date you leave the Schengen area. Your passport must also have two blank pages and be issued within the last ten years.

Photographs of individuals. You must submit two identity photographs that adhere to the Schengen visa photo guidelines and were taken within the last six months. Please keep in mind that the number of photographs required varies depending on the country from which you apply for a Schengen visa.

Certificate of civil status. Please provide proof of civil status, such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate, family certificate, or death certificate (if applicable).

Accommodation documentation. You must provide proof of hotel reservations, Airbnb reservations, or proof that you will be staying with a family member or friend.

Itinerary for a round-trip flight. A scheduled flight from India to the EU and back. If you take any internal flights, you must include those tickets as well.

Travel medical insurance. You must also provide proof of travel health insurance that meets the Schengen travel insurance guidelines. You will need EUR 30,000 in medical coverage (equivalent to $32564.40 in January 2023) for any unexpected illnesses or injuries.

Proof of visa fee payment. You must also include a receipt proving you paid the required visa fee, or your application will be rejected.

The cover letter. A cover letter may also be required for your Schengen visa application in India. The cover letter must include information such as why you are applying for a visa, what you intend to do during your stay, how long you intend to stay in the Schengen Area, and so on.

Previous Schengen visa copies (if applicable). If you obtained a Schengen visa before applying for a new visa, copies of those previous permits must be submitted.

Proof of parental consent and a birth certificate (if applicable).

  • Minors applying for a Schengen visa must include their birth certificate and parental consent for travel if they are traveling alone or with only one parent/legal guardian.

    Evidence of sufficient financial resources. To obtain a Schengen visa, you must submit original copies of your bank account statements from the previous three to six months, as well as the account balance, or proof of regular income. You must also submit the following documents, depending on your employment status:

    • If you are employed, you will need an employment contract as well as a certificate of annual leave from your employer.
    • If you are self-employed or freelance, you must have a business license (if applicable).

Bank statements for businesses.

    • If you are a student:

     Certificate of enrollment at a university, high school, or college.

     Your student ID card, a copy of the faculty registration certificate signed and stamped by the university, and a transcript of your grades.

Evidence of your parents’ financial stability.

Proof of employment or sufficient financial resources for your stay.

    • If retired, a bank statement detailing the pension received in the previous six months is required.

Schengen Visa requirement for Different Schengen Visa Types From India

Short-term Schengen visas are issued in India for a variety of reasons and depending on your application, you may be required to submit additional documents.

In order to obtain a Visitor Visa,

If you are invited to visit a friend or relative in any Schengen country, you must include the following documents with your application:

A letter of invitation. You must submit a letter of invitation from a friend or family member inviting you to visit them. Your host or inviter must write the letter outlining your relationship and the reasons for the visit; they must sign the letter and include personal information such as your full name, address, and contact information. Your host must also state in the letter that they will cover your expenses.

Formal guarantee. Some embassies may require you to submit a completed guarantee form, which the embassy will provide you. Your host must complete the form, sign it, and give it to you so you can submit it along with the other documents. The form is known by various names depending on the country, such as “statement of liability,” “declaration of commitment,” and so on.

The passport of your host. Your host’s passport number and, if necessary, a copy of their passport must also be included.

Evidence of your host’s residency permit (if applicable). If your host has a permanent residence permit and lives in the Schengen Area, they may be required to submit a copy of their permit.

Accommodation documentation. If you are staying with your host during your visit, some embassies may require proof of rental agreement or property ownership to verify your accommodation.

To obtain a Schengen visa for tourism purposes:

Passport holders from India who want to visit Schengen/EU countries as tourists must apply for a tourist short-term visa. The following documents are also required to obtain a Schengen visa for tourism purposes:

A statement from the bank. Preferably within the last six months.

Support Affidavit If one does not have a bank account or sufficient funds to cover their expenses during this trip, he or she must request that visiting friends or relatives sign an “official affidavit of support” at the corresponding office in his or her place of residence. When applying for a visa, make sure you have the original document with you.

Itinerary for a trip. The applicant’s trip description, the purpose of travel, time frame, and all personal dates are written down in a letter, as well as hotel reservations or a formal invitation letter from a Schengen country resident.

In order to obtain a Medical Visa

You must also prepare the following documents when applying for a Schengen medical visa from India:

A copy of the medical certificate is required. You must present a medical certificate from your doctor or hospital in India proving your need for medical treatment in a Schengen country. The certificate must be in English or one of the Schengen country’s corresponding languages.

A copy of the treatment confirmation. In your destination, Schengen, you must submit a treatment confirmation from your doctor or hospital. Furthermore, it would be preferable if you had an appointment confirmation as well as an estimated time for the duration of your treatment.

Proof of financial ability. If you have already paid some of the costs, you must provide proof of payment from the doctor/hospital in the Schengen country. You must provide official proof of financial sponsorship if someone else is paying for your treatment. If you have the financial means to cover your medical expenses, your bank account should reflect this.

In order to obtain a Schengen Business Visa

You must submit a detailed letter of invitation from your host or the company with which you will be working. The letter must include information about your inviter, such as how long you have been working together, the purpose of the business trip, the length of the trip, who will bear financial responsibility, and so on.

In order to obtain a Schengen Journalist Visa

If you are visiting the Schengen area for journalistic or business purposes, you will also need the following documents:

-Confirmation from the employer/client, or a posting letter outlining the purpose of the journalistic trip.

-An invitation letter (if applicable).

-ID card for journalists.

For a Schengen Visa for Cultural Exchange,

You must submit the following documents depending on your reason for visiting the Schengen area for cultural exchange:

Artistic (musicians, writers, etc.) cultural and educational activities.

-A written request or invitation from the company/organization for artistic (musicians, writers, etc.) cultural and educational activities.

Participants in sports activities should:

-Extra health insurance for sports activities.

-Copies of all pages of the sports organization’s registration card.

-A letter of invitation from the organizing club or association in your Schengen destination country.

-A delegation letter from the sending organization or a sports association/club in India.

-Proof of paid entry fee for sporting events (if applicable).

For trade attendees and exhibitors:

Entry ticket to the trade show (if applicable).

Documentation and copy for trade shows and exhibitions.

Certification from the organizer of the fair trade (if applicable).

For religious activities
Invitation letter for religious activities (if applicable).

Event specifics (detailed program itinerary, length of stay, the reason for the event and your participation, etc.)

For the film crew:

Letter from the production company, including shooting locations, film synopsis, and name.

Letter from the filmmaking agency in your Schengen destination country.

List all crew members who are visiting the Schengen area.

A registration certificate as a member of the film crew.

I hope this blog has given you enough information about the required documents Indian Schengen visa. If you are facing problems in getting your visa then you should Contact Us.  We are experts in the sector for three decades now and will definitely help you out getting your visa in the easiest manner.