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Requirement of Dubai Visa for Indian on Arrival

Any Indian citizen who is thinking of going to Dubai has to keep in mind that there are certain visa requirements and fees. Conversely, traveling to Dubai has become more convenient than ever. Through this guide, we will delve into the depths of the process, requirements, and everything you need to know for obtaining a Dubai Visa for Indian on Arrival.

First things first, here’s the tipping question: Do Indian citizens need a visa for Dubai?

Yes, all Indian citizens require a visa. Now if you are an Indian citizen who resides outside China, you may be eligible just for arrival. Check below for details on this, thus before all that have a look at the type of visas. 

Types of Dubai visas

There are two primary types of visas that Indian citizens can apply for while going to Dubai: Tourist visa and Work visa. 

Dubai Tourist Visa for Indians: 

Indian citizens who want to spend a leisure holiday in Dubai need to have a tourist visa before their travel. There are 4 other types of tourist visas under it:

Indian citizens looking to holiday in Dubai must have a tourist visa before they travel. There are four kinds of tourist visas: 

  1. Short-term single-entry tourist visa
  2. Short-term multiple-entry tourist visa
  3. Long-term single-entry tourist visa
  4. Long-term multiple-entry tourist visa

The best way here is to keep a follow-up with your holiday service (airlines, hotel, and agency) in order to coordinate your tourist visa. All you have to do is to make sure you have your return ticket to India in place before traveling, as dubai can refuse your entry if you don’t have your ticket. Additionally, remember that it is illegal to work in Dubai on a tourist visa and refrain from staying longer beyond the duration of your visa. 

Dubai Work Visa for Indian on Arrival

Now if you are traveling to Dubai for work, you will need to organize your visa beforehand with your employer. The employer here must submit the application like how long the visa is for based on your employment contract. Lastly, you cannot apply for a work visa directly. 

Moreover, there is the option for a visit visa, allowing you to visit the nation to explore job opportunities without the need of an employer. To qualify for this, you need to be a graduate from one of the top 500 universities in the world and hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree with a financial guarantee of INR 22,000.

Dubai visa for Indian on arrival

The visa on arrival is accessible to Indian passport citizens only if they have one of the following:

United States visit visa or a green card, that is valid for a minimum 6 months.

United Kingdom or European Union residence permit. 

There is a fee attached for the visa on arrival, adding to it you can stay for a maximum of 14 days. Although you can extend your visa one time by paying additional cost.

Dubai visa for Indian on Arrival – Fees

An UAE tourist visa for Indians will cost you between 250 AED to 1740 AED, depending on the type of visa. While the work visa has additional fees and may vary depending on the job. Typically the employer would pay for a work visa, but for a visa on arrival in Dubai for Indian citizens you can pay 250 AED to extend your stay for an additional 14 days. 

Here are the requirements for Indian citizens to apply for a tourist visa:

A passport that is valid for at least 6 months before entering the UAE.

A color passport-size photo.

A complete application form

Few applications from airlines require you to show evidence of the return ticket to India. 

How to apply for a Dubai visa for Indian on Arrival

You can apply for a Dubai visa from India through airlines for your trip or through your employer’s application. Unlike other nation’s, the UAE embassy does not issue tourist visas. 

How long is a Dubai visa valid?

Dubai visa for Indian on arrival is valid for few days after you enter the country, also the duration depends on the type of visa you get:

Type of visa Validity from entry into Dubai
Short-term single-entry tourist visa. 30 days
Short-term multiple entry tourist visa. 30 days
Long-term single-entry tourist visa. 90 days
Long-term multiple-entry tourist visa. 90 days
Work visa. 60 days
Visa on arrival for qualifying Indians. 14 days


Dubai’s life is a blend of modern marvels and cultural richness that awaits Indian travelers. With a streamlined process, reasonable fees, and flexibility in duration, this visa caters to the diverse travel needs of Indian tourists. Thus pack your bags, prepare your documents, and hop on a journey to discover the wonders of Dubai with the Dubai Visa for Indian on Arrival.