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Perks of having an E-Visa


Ever wondered why you need an e visa? Everyday the world is evolving in terms of technology. The innovation, invention and creation of technology is done to make our lifestyle faster and easier. Majorly all the services are provided online, so that a person does not need to step out of their comfort zone. However, there are yet a few services that cannot be done through the internet. You might get to book appointments online but to get those services you have to step out, like vehicle service. One such service was getting your Visa.

Earlier, one had to wait in long queues at the embassy, submit multiple sorts of documents, expensive prices and be part of a great deal of waiting and paperwork. But with the origination of electronic visas, the process has easy protocols and faster results. The process is very simple to understand, it involves minimal steps like filling out an online e-visa application, submitting your documents, making the payment and receiving your visa under a stipulated time.

Now that you have an overview for E-visa, let us witness the actual benefits of E-Visa:

  • Apply at your own comfort: Just go down the memory lane of the embassy days, where they had limited office hours and are shut on the weekends. It was such a hassled journey. But with E-visa you can apply anytime from your home or office. There is no such struggle to obtain a visa online. You only need to know the visa type you will require.
  • Visit more countries: Everyone dreams to visit several countries during their vacation or business trip. But people usually avoid it due to the time consuming process and being unable to get leaves from their workplace. Although since e-visa, it has become effortless to apply for e-visa online and receive it within the promised time period. In today’s time folks are adopting e-visa as a way to inspire for more traveling.
  • Save your money and time: Under this benefit, we will discuss the perspective of an applicant and also as an administrator.

For the applicant:

  • A special leave from work is not required.
  • Zero transportation cost.
  • No repetitive visits to the embassy.
  • No waiting time for payment or paper work.

For the Administrator: 

  • No appointment scheduling
  • No need to have face to face interaction with the applicants.
  • No need for transferring online data offline.
  • No printing visas.

Through this the applicant saves more money as compared to obtaining an offline visa.

  • Safety and security of documents: People might be very skeptical about uploading the documents online through a portal. But to give you that ease, all the documents that you provide online are digitized under an authorized system. This would make all your paperwork secured.

  • Sustainability: After the commencement of E-visa the carbon footprint has reduced to certain extent. There is no physical paperwork required so less trees are damaged and also people are traveling less to the embassy so that reduces the air pollution. So e visa has great contributions towards the environment as well, as all the data is digitalized. 

The benefits are provided to you so that you also stream into the easy engagement of E-visa with different visa categories. There is definitely a hesitation to try out something new, but by stating the perks above should make you gain the confidence and apply for e-visa to your desired destination.

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