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Insights for Kenya’s Tourist Visa

kenya tourist visa

Insights for Kenya’s Tourist Visa

A Kenya tourist Visa is an extremely important document you require to visit Kenya. People often desire for a place which is a combination of wildlife and romance. Kenya is just the right country for them. Kenya and safari are bound to go hand in hand. It has been one of the most popular destinations for business and vacation travelers. The major cultural delicacies come from their ancient tribes like Maasai, Kikuyu and Samburu. The authenticity of this country has maintained the traditions of these sun drenched plains and living in peace with natural surroundings. Kenya is truly a stress buster for all you nature adorers. To be that tourist, you will need a kenya tourist visa and this blog will discuss all the insights needed for Kenya.

Receive your Tourist visa to Kenya

The visa law in Kenya states that approximately 45 countries can visit without obtaining a visa depending on the duration and purpose of their stay. Citizens of these countries can easily enter the country by just providing a valid passport for 6 months and can stay for 90 days. These citizens need to apply for extended visas in case if the purpose is not tourism, business or transit. However, Kenya does not allow visa on arrival for any country. There are around 140 countries who can apply for Kenya E-visa and the rest countries need to go through an embassy.

Application Requirements

Valid passport for 6 months and 1 blank page for visa stamp.
Printout of Kenyan E- visa or a copy of visa application form with date and signature.
Passport size photographs.
Copy of airline tickets and hotel reservations.
Current bank statement.
Yellow fever vaccination certificate.
Travel itinerary.
Evidence to show enough funds for living costs.

What is the wait duration for Kenya’s tourist visa?

To acquire your visa the applicant needs to complete the entire process by providing necessary information and making the full payment. You ideally receive it within 3 business days. You can even get it earlier by paying the additional charge. It is advised that you apply for your Kenya tourist visa at least a month before you plan your trip.

For how long is Kenya’s Tourist Visa valid?

The validity of Kenya online visa is up to 90 days. Even if your actual date differs from the one on the application, you can still use your visa. However, your arrival date must fall in the duration of validity period which is a span of 3 months.

Tourist E-visa extension
As seen earlier, a normal stay in Kenya will be approved for 90 days. If an extension is required it will be done for 180 days. This service could be achieved through Kenyan immigration. Extension might take a few hours, however, if you have all the correct documents then the visa will be granted within the same day itself.

Difference between single entry and multiple entry visa

Single Entry Visa: This visa is typically for those travelers who are going for the purposes of tourism, medical treatment or any other reason. Their fees are comparatively low. A single entry is usually valid for only 3 months.

Multiple Entry Visa: This type of visa is typically of employment purpose. Kenya is surrounded by business opportunities and people need to keep making multiple trips every now and then. But it does take a while for acquiring a multiple entry Kenya tourist visa. The major purpose of this type is to eliminate the hustle of going through the renewal process. Their fees are comparatively higher.

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