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Guinea E-Visa for Indians: Everything About Requirements & Costs

The information required to apply for a visa to Guinea for holders of Indian passports may be found on this page. The requirements for a Guinean visa, which primarily consist of the necessary paperwork and qualifying conditions, are listed below. The article contains general guidelines to be followed when submitting Guinea visa documents. 

Is a visa required for Indians in Guinea?

Yes. Indian citizens must apply for a visa in advance of their trip to Guinea. Indian passport holders are currently not granted visa-free entry into Guinea, regardless of the purpose of their visit—business or tourist.

Applying online and receiving an e-visa is the most practical way for Indians to apply for a visa to Guinea. You can apply online for a Guinea E-Visa via the government portal.  

Can Indians get a visa for Guinea upon arrival?

No, upon arrival, Indians are not granted a visa for Guinea. They had to get a visa to go to Guinea. The Guinea e-Visa application process is a simple online procedure that can be completed via the government portal.

Guinea’s e-visa requirements for nationals of India

You will need to submit an online application and attach specific papers to apply for an Indian citizen’s Guinea e-visa.

A scanned copy of the passport page with the photo and personal information is a valid passport. The picture format should be JPEG, and the file size shouldn’t be more than 70 KB.

Visa Photo: A single standard-sized photo with dimensions of 381–571 pixels in width and 496–744 pixels in height. The picture format should be JPEG, and the file size shouldn’t be more than 200 KB. 

Indians’ e-visa fees for Guinea

For Indians, the cost of a single-entry Guinea e-visa is ₹ 6,700.

How Indians apply for a Guinean visa

Our goal is to always make sure that readers are aware of their alternatives and know precisely how to apply them. You have two options for applying for the Indian tourist visa to Guinea: apply on your own. 

How to apply to the official website

Through the Guinea Immigration Portal, Indian nationals can apply for an electronic visa to Guinea, often known as an e-visa for Indians. Here’s how:

Open the immigration site for Guinea: Go to the Guinea immigration gateway website, choose your nation from the list when you get there, choose the single entry visa, and then hit “Apply Now.”

Email Verification: You will be asked to confirm your email address after selecting “Apply Now.” You’ll get an email with a code; to access the portal, enter this code and complete the captcha. 

Complete the application: Fill out the online application by entering the necessary information (date of birth, travel dates, passport details, port of entry, etc.) and uploading the necessary files.

Analyse your submission: Go to the bottom of the page to check the status of your submission. Make sure that everything is correct; if not, you may go back and make any necessary edits.

Pay now: Get your credit card ready so you can cover the visa cost. To finish the payment process, adhere to the instructions. For GNF transactions, the majority of international cards will incur a 5% surcharge. 

Check the status of your application: After submitting your application, you can check its status online at any time. 

After your application has been approved, go back to the portal to download and print your e-visa. When you arrive at the international airport or any authorised port of entry in Guinea, print a copy to provide to the immigration officer.

Additional paperwork required

A few additional documents are needed for the Guinea visa application process while applying for an Indian passport through the official website. The required documents are listed below and must be sent with your application.

Verified Return Flight Ticket: To demonstrate your intended arrival and departure from Guinea, possess a verified round-trip flight ticket.

Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate: It is necessary to have a current international certificate of vaccination against yellow fever. Before applying for a tourist visa, it is advised that you review the most recent health guidelines from the Government of Guinea’s health ministry’s official website.   

Proof of Accommodation: Present official documentation attesting to your lodging arrangements, such as a hotel reservation or specifics about your planned lodging in Guinea. 

How to verify the status of a Guinea e-visa

Having trouble navigating the Guinean official portal to view the status of your visa? We have the following steps covered for you:

  • Go to the Guinea e-Visa website.
  • Enter the captcha and use a code to confirm your email address in order to log in.
  • Visit “Application Status” first.
  • To view the status of your application, enter your application ID, password, and captcha.
  • For Indian citizens to verify and print their Guinea visa, they need to save their application ID. Sadly, they will not email the e-visa findings to you. 

The processing period for a Guinea e-visa

Obtaining a Guinea E-Visa via the official website may take up to 12 or 14 business days. On the other hand, you can obtain your authorised e-visa in five working days

Validity and duration of stay for e-visas to Guinea

The validity of the Guinea visa is ninety days from the date of issuance. You are only allowed to enter the nation once using an e-visa, and your maximum stay is 90 days. 

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