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Everything Indians Need to Know About Qatar Visa Types and Fees

You can apply for a visa in a number of ways if you plan to visit Qatar. Fortunately, for a limited time, Indian tourists intending to visit Qatar are able to obtain a visa upon arrival without the need for any prior arrangements. The good news is that you may now select from a wide variety of visas and apply for one with ease if you wish to stay longer. If you intend to visit Qatar soon, read our guide to find out about the various visa categories for Indian tourists, their duration of validity, how to apply, and processing times. Lastly, we will address a few crucial queries regarding the Qatar visa that Indians frequently have. Thus, don’t omit!

Does India require a visa for citizens of Qatar?

Regardless of your purpose for visiting, if you are an Indian citizen, you do require a visa. However, you don’t need to arrange for a visa in advance because you can obtain a visa waiver (VoA) as soon as you arrive in Qatar by presenting:

A passport that is now valid for three months or longer

A validated ticket for onward travel or return

A hotel reservation is confirmed by the Discover Qatar website.

What kinds of visas are available to Indians for Qatar?

Indian nationals can obtain one of several types of Qatar Visa, depending on the reason for the trip. They are as follows:

Tourists Visa:

Travel and tourism visas let the holder to enter a foreign nation solely for tourism and leisure and to remain there for a set period of time.

Business Visa:

Travellers who want to carry out business-related activities in another nation, such as attending meetings or conferences, looking into business prospects, and carrying out other authorised transactions, can apply for a business visa. This kind of visa prohibits labour or employment within the host nation. It is crucial to be aware of the precise activities that you are permitted to undertake with your visa and to ensure that they abide by immigration laws.

Work Permit:

You can work in a country with a work visa. It functions similarly to a work permit, allowing you to enter and work in a foreign nation for a set period of time.

Visitor’s Visa:

A visitor visa, sometimes referred to as a visiting visa, is a kind of non-immigrant visa that permits you to remain abroad for a predetermined amount of time. This is not the same as a tourist visa, which is only used for sightseeing. A visitation visa can be used for a number of things, including brief business meetings, urgent medical care, and more.

Family Visa:

A person seeking to enter a foreign country must establish a familial connection with a citizen of that country in order to be granted a family visa. There are several types of visas for families. This will be available for a set amount of time. You can apply for a visa extension if you want to stay longer with the mentioned family member.

GCC Visa:

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the State of Qatar, the Sultanate of Oman, the Kingdom of Bahrain, and the State of Kuwait comprise the GCC. You do not require a visa to enter Qatar if you are a citizen of any of these nations (other than Qatar). When you arrive, your visa will be issued. This is contingent upon the nature of the task and the reason for your stay.

Student Visa

Students may apply for this visa and remain in the nation until the end of their study term if they want to attend universities in any foreign nation.

Transit Visa:

If you have to spend a lengthy layover at the airport, it could be inconvenient. With a transit visa, you can visit and enjoy the city you’ve arrived in after leaving the airport. A transit visa to Qatar is good for 24 hours.

Requirements for a Qatar Visa: Documents

These documents are required when applying for a tourist Qatar Visa, in addition to your application form:

original passport valid for at least half a year

It is necessary to scan the first and last pages of your passport.

a passport-sized photo against a white backdrop

You need an invitation letter or sponsor letter from the employer in order to obtain a work visa.

Tickets for the return journey from Qatar

Verification of the hotel booking made on the Discover Qatar website

A bank statement

How Do I Apply for a Qatar Visa?

A visa application can be submitted offline or online. To carry out this offline:

In order to apply for a Qatar visa, you have to go to the official website.

Make sure the application form is printed on one side after downloading and printing it.

You must complete the application for a visa and sign it.

Please affix the necessary paperwork.

Send them to the closest visa assistance desk. They will support you through the remaining steps.

For online applications:

In order to apply for a Qatar visa, you have to go to the official website.

Complete the online application by providing all necessary information.

Send in the scanned copies of the required paperwork.

Use a MasterCard or a debit/credit card to pay the visa fee.


Travel to Qatar is a terrific option for Indians, and fortunately, obtaining a Qatar visa is not too difficult. You can quickly and easily apply for a visa to Qatar if you have the necessary information and documentation. But it’s also crucial to keep in mind that some visas requirements must be fulfilled. Thus, before submitting your application, make sure you have properly read through all of the prerequisites. With these considerations out of the way, you’ll be ready to apply for your Qatar visa and have a fantastic trip!

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