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Egypt Visa Requirements and Tips for Indian Tourists

Egypt Visa Requirement for Indians?

Indeed. An Indian passport is required to enter the Arab Republic of Egypt. Using the Egypt e-visa site is the most efficient method of applying for an Egypt visa online. Additionally, you can apply offline for an Egypt visa at the Egyptian Embassy in Delhi or the consulate in Mumbai by contacting approved travel agencies.

Indian nationals can apply for a variety of visas from Egypt, including work, study, tourist, and residency permits.

Tourist visa for Egypt

Indian nationals may apply for a tourist e-visa to Egypt. Typically, the e-visa is a single-entry visa good for 30 days of stay within three months. Despite being single-entry, candidates may apply for a multiple-entry visa if necessary.·

Do Indians need a visa to enter Egypt?

Yes, under extremely strict guidelines, Egypt is now providing Indian tourists with a visa upon arrival. The holder of an Indian passport must additionally possess a valid visa from one of the following nations, or a resident visa from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC):

United States of America.

The United Kingdom.

The Area of Schengen.



New Zealand and Australia.

This 30-day-long visa can be obtained at the immigration desk at the official Egyptian airport of entry. Though this is good news for individuals who have an additional visa, bear in mind that obtaining an e-visa in advance of your trip might save you time when you land in Egypt. 

What is the cost of an Indian tourist visa to Egypt?

The cost of an Egypt tourist visa from India varies depending on the kind of entry.

  • Single Entry Visa: Tourist USD 25 INR 2,051.
  • Multiple Entry Visa: Tourist USD 60 INR 4,923.
  • Single Entry Visa on Arrival USD 25 INR 2,051.
  • Multiple Entry Visa on Arrival USD 700 INR 57,432.

Indian nationals’ criteria for an Egypt visa

For an Egypt visa, Indian passport holders need to fulfil the following requirements:.

  • Currently, a valid passport will remain valid for at least six months after the date of arrival.
  • A completed application.
  • Two passport-sized photos with 60% of the face size on a white background
  • A thorough travel schedule for visitors. A letter on the travel agency’s letterhead is required if one is engaged in the arrangements.
  • Reservations for hotels and other information, if you’re a tourist,.
  • For visits from family or business, please include an invitation letter.
  • Verified round-trip airline tickets.

The applicant’s bank statement for the previous six months, complete with the bank’s seal and signature

How to apply for a visa to enter Egypt

Using the official e-visa for Egypt webpage, Indian passport holders can apply for tourist visas online in the most convenient manner. This is the comprehensive online application process for Indian nationals seeking an Egypt visa.

  • Create an account on the website for Egypt’s e-visa.
  • Verify the registration of your account.
  • Open the portal and log in.
  • Click “Apply Now.”
  • Make sure you have the right kind of visa and carefully read the guidelines.
  • Fill out the application completely.
  • Pay with a credit or debit card to cover the Egypt visa fees.
  • Wait for the Egypt visa to be approved, then use your registered email to download and print the electronic visa.
  • At the port of entry into Egypt, show the printed copy of the e-visa to the immigration officer.

Egypt Visa Application Processing Time

It takes about seven working days for Indian nationals to process their visa for Egypt online. As soon as a traveller lands in Egypt at one of the approved airports, they will receive their visa on arrival.

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