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Best Places to Visit in Zambia

Best Places to Visit in Zambia, it is among the most colorful countries you will visit in Africa. The republic of Zambia is located in the southern part of Africa.

It has a variety of diverse landscapes ranging from mountains and waterfalls, to extensive wildlife. It is really among the most popular places in Africa. Most of the people who come to visit Africa make it a point to visit Zambia. You need a Zambia tourist visa to visit the country.

The country has a rich history, culture and the lifestyle of people which makes it an interesting place for tourists to visit from all over the world. Zambia’s warm and welcoming people living in peace and cooperation make it one of the safest places to visit in Africa.  Also, here in the heart of Africa, you will find some of the best safari experiences on the planet, close -up encounters with Mother Nature at its most wild. 

You can also visit this beautiful country, and experience what it has to offer. Let us now take a look at the best places to visit in Zambia. This will help you plan your trip better and execute it without any hassle. 

  1. Kasanka National Park- This national park is among the most  visited by tourists. The park is extremely rich with magnificent  forests. Along with this, theLuwombo river bank also extends here. With not much wildlife around but mostly antipole species and monkeys, it is an experience you should not miss. The river here is rich with the fish species and you will spot numerous birds in the forest. When it  comes to the winter season, you can also spot palm bats here. Thus, when you are visiting Zambia, make it a point to visit Kasanka National Park. 
  1. The Luangwa Valley – Located not very far from Nyika Park, the Luangwa Valley is among Africa’s most popular tourist destinations. Even in the season of autumn, it rains heavily here. The Luangwa Valley was created as a continuation of the Great African Rift Valley. Some of Africa’s wildest animals live here. When you are here, chances are you will spot zebras,  antelopes, monkeys and wild boards. African fish owls are also among the most important parts of wildlife here. Thus, Luangwa Valley is among the places you should definitely visit on your trip to Zambia. 
  2. Kafue National Park- The land of varied landscapes, Kafue is an experience you will never forget. One has to quickly change from an off-road and to a small aircraft and land on the airstrip at Kafuae. It is said to be the home to cheetahs. Also, among the many inhabitants of Kafue are African wild dogs and many more. With an area of 22,400 soiree kilometers, Kafue is one of the largest game reserves in the world. If you are a ‘Birdwatcher’ , you are in for a treat here with more than 400 species of bird to find. During your stay here, from some of the lodges you can enjoy the evening parade of striped wildebeest, zebra, reedbuck, kudu, impala and pukes. Thus, Kafue is easily among the places you must visit while in Zambia. 
  1. Liuwa Plain National Park  – In Zambia’s wildlife regions, Liuwa is another hidden gem. This park is a truly untouched piece of raw wildlife that you will experience. You need to travel a great distance to reach here. During the monsoons you can experience the huge number of migratory animals and birds. It is a sight to behold to watch around 33,000 wildebeest, hyenas and many more gather in the large grounds of national park during migration.  Thus, Liuwa Plain National Park is an experience you must add to your bucket list while traveling to Zambia. 
  1. Victoria Falls – This is the one place that you should not miss while visiting Zambia at any cost.  Among the world’s largest waterfalls, Victoria Falls is a sight to behold. Experience the huge cascade of water falling from the height. Also, while you are here you can also enjoy a dip in the natural pool. People from all over the world visit this waterfall to experience the magic of nature. Thus, make it a point to visit Victoria Falls while you are traveling to Zambia. 

Things to Remember 

There are a number of things you should keep in mind while traveling to Zambia. The two most important things to have are 

  1. Tourist Visa 
  2. Vaccination certificate. 

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