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Benin- Business And Tourist Visa

benin tourist visa

Business And Tourist Visa- Benin, the nation belonging to West Africa, was a former French colony, and now it is a democratic country which enjoys its peace and stability.

The country has a great score in terms of safety, law and human rights. It is also famously known for its Voodoo religion as it has the majority of their population following it. Benin has a rich cultural history, natural beauty, coastal and rugged sceneries. It also is a neighboring country to Niger, Nigeria, Burkino, Faso and Togo. The country is packed with unexpected activities with a promise of unforgettable experience.

To visit this versatile country, one needs to make sure that you meet all the requirements and the most important one is having a visa well in advance ready. Benin offers visa free entries to all the African nationals.Whereas other nationalities need to go through the visa procedures. There are basic three types of visas: transit, residency and courtesy. On the other hand there are two frequently used ones: tourist and business visas. This blog will only focus on the latter ones i.e. Tourist & Business.

Tourist visa of Benin is used for sightseeing and visiting leisure oriented places. The country will provide you this visa for the duration of 8 or 30 days of validation depending on the time period of your vacation. Business visa are usually for work purposes. People visiting on business usually carry out certain economic activities. The validity of this type of visa is 3-6 months and multiple entries are also allowed.

Let us get into the requirements for Business and Tourist Visa:

  1. A filled application form.( business visa application formtourist visa application form)
  2. Valid passport
  3. Recent passport size photograph.
  4. Travel itineraries: flight tickets, proof of booked accommodation, vaccination certifications (if applicable) 
  5. An invitation letter for a business visa.
  6. Additional documents (if required)

Now the question is, how to apply for a Benin visa? It is a very simple process, you could either get it through an online portal or via an embassy. The easiest and quickest way to obtain an E-visa through a portal. This way you can avoid visiting an embassy and save a lot of your time. On the online portal just follow the requested steps and you are good to go. However, there are certain situations for which you might have to visit an embassy if you do not own a credit card or you require a visa with a validity of more than 3 months. 

All said and done, if you have the required equipment, get your visa online at the comfort of your couch or chair. Now you have the glimpse of how to apply for a visa to Benin, decide a date, gather your documents and receive a visa. To also add to the recommendations, check the temperature and climatic conditions so that you enjoy your vacation in a prepared and efficient manner.

Get your E-visa through Visadone and visit the magnificent country, Benin.

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