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Angola Visa Online

Angola is a central African country that is rich in oil reserves. With the exclave of Cabinda known as the ‘Kuwait of Africa’, the economy in the nation is mainly from diamonds and oil industry. With tropical forests, beautiful coastlines, and stunning waterfalls, scenic beauty is quite excellent. To visit the country, most nationalities require something known as Angola Visa.

Visa Type Available:

  • Tourist



  • Photocopy of Passport recognized in the Republic of Angola for at least 6 months: A copy of the passport page displaying data and photo.
  • White Background Photography: A standard size photo. Width (381-571) pixels, Height (496 – 744) pixels, Maximum file size – 200 KB, Image format – JPEG
  • Vaccine Certificate: Valid International Vaccine Certificate
  • Proof of Accommodation: Hotel reservation or proof of accommodation
  • Proof of Livelihood: Proof of Livelihood equivalent to 200USD for each day of stay in the territory
  • Air Ticket Reservation: Air Ticket Reservation with return
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