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Amazing Hikes in South Africa

People who love mountains and trekking over them, let us suggest some of the best spots in South Africa. South Africa is one of the most famous and very well grown countries on the African continent. Most tourists plan to visit here to experience the wildlife, beaches and safaris. But, you must never have heard about the hiking points of South Africa. These are the spots a hardcore trekker must visit once in a lifetime. 

South Africa is the country that is famously known for sheer natural beauty and so it probably comes as no surprise if you want to plan your trek over here. This country is full of surprises for the people who are keen to see new mountains. South Africa will definitely show you some of the most beautiful spots where you can explore to the fullest. 

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1. The Rhebok Trail

This is located in the Golden Gate Highlands National Park. This hike will probably take two days to complete and it is 31-km. If you are a parent, this is very important to know that the minimum age to do this is 10 years old. If you cross the rule that would be risky for you. 

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2. The Amphitheater Heritage Hike

This hike takes five days that leads you to the top of Tugela Falls, This is the second-highest waterfall in the world. This trial is only for people with good health and proper equipment. You have to follow rules and take precautions since it is extremely challenging in areas. The highlight of this hike is the ascent to the Roof of the World that provides you with a beautiful view of Lesotho. 

There are a number of areas where camping is possible and lodges along the way where you can request to sleep in caves instead if you prefer a more rustic experience. 

3. The Leopard Kloof 

You will find this near Cape Town that is a half drive from the city and you will be in this jewel tucked away in Harold Porter’s Botanical Gardens. This 3 km hike is possible for families because it is so easy to finish. This is really a great idea to spend time outdoors when you’re in Cape Town. This is one of the best hikes in South Africa. 

Make sure you will have extra time to relax and take in the views at the base of a beautiful waterfall which is surrounded by thick vegetation. 

These are the hiking spots you must visit when you are in South Africa. There are many hiking points in South Africa where you can explore the mountains and nature of the country. If you are a real hike enthusiast, this is the best country for you to explore. It is always better to know about the place we are going to hike or visit. These three hiking points are the best places to explore hiking and enjoy nature. Just be careful during the hiking that you won’t get hurt by any means. 

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